"Mixed teams bring better results. As an integral part of our Champion 2023 business strategy, diversity plays a significant role. Being inclusive makes us more innovative, more flexible and ultimately stronger. Our aim is to build a more balanced leadership, while continuing to fill 80% of leadership positions from within. We are on track to meet a first milestone of 20% females in leadership ahead of our 2020 aspiration. We now turn our attention to reviewing ambition levels for 2030."

                 Christoph Loos
                 CEO Hilti Group

What we do

Discover what we do as a business to make Diversity & Inclusion part of our everyday lives.

"Diversity is about all the visible and invisible aspects where we differ, and where we are the same. We as a company strive to gain more diversity. Diversity itself is of no use if people who are different cannot bring in their unique values, different perspectives and ideas. And that is what inclusion is about. We need to ensure that all our people can be who they truly are."

Avi Kahn -  Member of the Executive Board