Working in Digital Marketing

Are you a digital native ready to accept the challenge of shaping the next chapter in Hilti’s 75-year success story? Someone with an agile mindset who relishes an environment where the only constant is permanent change? An overachiever who thrives in a cutting-edge technical culture where you have the freedom to explore, to innovate and to surpass fast-moving goals? 
If so, then a digital marketing career with Hilti is for you. We offer multiple opportunities within our expanding teams at our newly created global office in Paris, France and also in Dallas, USA. Each role is vital to our reimagining of Hilti’s digital business model.  
When you join us, you’ll be at the forefront of B2B digital marketing. You will enjoy all the creativity, independence, pace and improvisation that normally comes with working for a start-up, while also benefiting from the stability and major investment we offer as a corporation with a truly global reach.  
Digital marketing at Hilti offers you opportunities unavailable elsewhere within the B2B sector. We are creating a results-driven approach that not only analyses digital interactions, but also incorporates customer data from our retail stores, field engineers, customer service teams and more – meaning you will be shaping the unique, omnichannel digital marketing we need for our future success.  

Your Digital Skills are just the beginning

Yes, we’re looking for people with excellent technical and digital skills to redesign the future of digital at Hilti. Yet those skills are just the beginning. It’s just as important that you’re curious, self-driven, entrepreneurial and a team player who wants to share our vision.  
That’s because shaping Hilti’s digital marketing needs much more than a 9-to-5 mentality. You’ll be working within teams that are given independence and which take ownership of their own decisions.  
Such an open culture, combined with the freedom to create new approaches from scratch, demands people who are agile thinkers, great communicators, explorers and fast learners. People with integrity, courage and commitment, who are quick to lead by example and learn from others.  
We are not just hiring for the job. We are hiring for your career. So, if you thrive on dynamism and innovation – and you have top class digital skills to offer – we want to hear from you.  

"It's a very collaborative, opening and welcoming culture because so many people have so many ranges of expertise & diversity"
Ebony, Digital Marketing Project Manager, USA

Your role in shaping our digital future

Our vision is to develop best-in-class engagement marketing by gathering and analysing data from digital and physical customer touch points. It is a huge, global task that needs the very best talent from across the world. We’re looking for people willing to put their drive, passion and skills to work in the following areas.




  • You will have the opportunity to develop pure B2B engagement marketing – linking digital and physical data with every interaction.
  • You will be using top technologies to develop best-in-class strategies.
  • You will be creating truly personalized customer journeys using dynamic, targeted content




  • You will have the opportunity to  use the newest technologies to create truly unique user experiences.
  • You will be developing bespoke digital platforms that evolve and respond to user needs.
  • Agility and speed will be central to your role, with new releases every two weeks.




  • You will help us shape the Hilti digital personality and bring it to life.
  • We want social media to expand the sales experience, solve problems for strategic customers and build closer relationships with them.
  • We are finding new ways to analyze performance data – and discover the business value of each social interaction by connecting it with data from other channels.




  • You will help us establish, manage and support an agile, data-driven decision framework.
  • You will combine a holistic understanding of marketing with detailed knowledge of data science to unify company data and drive exceptional customer experience.
  • The delivery of tailored experiences via engagement marketing will be at the heart of your work.




  • You will help enable data-driven decisions for engagement marketing across individual platforms, channels and campaigns.
  • We will need you to achieve standardized data tracking and collection across digital and physical touchpoints.
  • You will have a role in establishing a Hilti-wide set of digital KPIs and dashboards.



  • You’ll help to develop innovative software tools for customers to use across the building life cycle – from initial structural design to final building inspection
  • You will develop a deep understanding of our customers, engineer and architects that will help you build prototypes that will make their jobs easier.
  • We are looking for the broadest range of talent, ranging from developers, designers and user experience architects to project managers and product owners with structural or mechanical engineering backgrounds. 


We'll help you to make an impact

When you join our digital marketing team in Paris or Dallas, we’ll give our personal attention to the progression of your career, with one-on-one coaching and all the support you need to be successful and influential. 
We’ll also help you gain any specialist knowledge you need to excel at your job, be it professional upskilling, project management training or a dedicated course at our internal academy. 
We have a very thorough system for reviewing everyone in the company, which feeds into a yearly career performance matching process. It’s how we find opportunities to develop our people with different responsibilities, cultures and market challenges. It means we can broaden your skill set, feed your ambition and open doors to advance your career. 
Our high performers move into leadership roles very quickly at Hilti, and 80% of our management positions are filled with internal candidates. It’s testament to how much we value our people.