Working in HR, finance and marketing

If you want to get excited about coming to the office, a role at Hilti means a career like nowhere else.

This is the cutting edge of corporate innovation, where the culture is unique and the pace is very fast. After all, if we want to maintain our position as industry leaders, we must pioneer at a corporate level too.

You’ll find this a dynamic place to work, as we’re constantly finding new ways to inspire our people to give the best of themselves in delivering exceptional results.

We’re all about our people – both our teams and our customers. And, despite numbering more than 29,000 Hilti team members around the world, everyone agrees we combine the drive to outperform with a close-knit family feel.                     


No ordinary office job

Our office-based roles include HR, finance and marketing. Far from your average ‘support’ roles, these teams are here to lead our people, drive our strategies and shape our business. They’re critical to giving our customers the premium service that Hilti is all about.

What’s special about Hilti is that, as one of our corporate team, you can get to be involved in the end-to-end development of each project you work on – from conception to delivery. Not every marketing or finance job gives you that.

With so many opportunities to work across project cycles and develop your skills, you’ll find Hilti a vibrant and rewarding place to progress your career. Show us what you can do, and you could even take your job function to a different business setting, perhaps applying what you know about developed markets to an emerging market where the challenges are something else.  


“There’s a real family spirit and you can literally knock on any director’s door at any time. Also your line manager will work very hard to help you develop your skills, both professionally and personally.”

Amer, Key Projects Manager

We’re quick to reward your high performance

We train and develop our people with a mission to keep them.

Whatever your role or level, we’ll give our personal attention to the progression of your career, with one-to-one coaching and all the support you need to produce outstanding results.

When you first join the company, we’ll introduce you to ‘the Hilti way’, which includes our values of integrity, courage, teamwork and commitment, along with our working culture and strategy for growth.

We’ll then give you any specialist knowledge you need to excel in your role, be it professional upskilling, a foreign language course or management training.

We have a very thorough people review process, where we screen everyone in the company in a yearly career performance matching process. It’s how we find opportunities to develop our people with different responsibilities, cultures and market challenges. It means we can broaden your skill set, feed your ambition and open doors for your career.

Our high performers move into leadership roles very quickly at Hilti, and 80% of our management positions are filled with internal candidates. It’s testament to how much we value our people.     

Different ways to lead and shape the business

As a member of our corporate team, you’ll be exactly that – part of a team. Our business model relies entirely on teamwork, which is one of the things that makes the job so enjoyable and rewarding.

Here’s more about three of our key office roles.


• Our unique culture is why people stay at Hilti - and why it’s not unheard of to find two generations of the same family working with us. More than being a people business, we recognize that our people are integral to our success. It’s why attracting, developing and retaining the best talent is our number one aim.

• As part of our HR team, you’ll join in our commitment to helping our people achieve their potential, be it matchmaking talent with jobs around the world or promoting our part-time and flexible working opportunities.

• You’ll work closely with our business leaders to create people strategies that support our teams and, by so doing, support our business growth. Together, we’ll push our teams in creative and exciting ways to get the best out of Hilti.

• You’ll help to execute and shape our HR strategy, which is based on the belief that developing diverse, inclusive, high-performing teams achieves outstanding results. Our approach is to think globally, act locally.

• Our HR roles vary from talent attraction and acquisition to skills management and leadership training.

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• A far cry from bean counting, this is a consultative role where you’ll work with other business divisions to advise on and help plan and manage important projects. Your job is to see that they’re profitable.

• You’ll need a strong business head, and a certain street savvy, to apply your financial acumen across a broad range of commercial issues.

• You’ll also be involved in non-commercial ventures, such as our charitable and social responsibility activities, as well as investments in our own training and development initiatives.

• You’ll be in a rare position, as far as finance careers go, to see projects through their whole life cycle - from viability, risk and planning to marketing, sales and distribution. 

• Prove you’re ready for the next challenge and you can move around the business, transfering your expertize to different locations and their respective endeavors – be it stability or growth, a weak or strong currency, an emerging or mature market. It’s a fascinating experience.

• Our finance roles vary from pricing analysis and credit risk to financial accounting and business control. 

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• Marketing is fundamental to Hilti’s business model, as it gathers the market insights that drive our product development – be it tools, services or software - and our strategy for sales.

• As part of our marketing team, you’ll join us in working on long-term directions for steady business growth. Ours is a highly proactive approach; we’re not tied to quarterly targets, so we don’t do short-term or reactive planning.

• You’ll work with a huge wealth of data, including behavioral usage and predicted market trends, to determine customer demand for our products in terms of quantity, quality and innovation.

• As a business, it’s all about our customers. They have high expectations for what is a premium product. So marketing is where we use these insights to shape strategies and initiatives for the rest of the business.

• You’ll have the rewarding opportunity – somewhat unique in the world of marketing - to see projects through from the concept of a product to putting it in our customers’ hands. 

• Our marketing roles vary from product, trade, software and service management to market research, digital marketing and brand and communications consultancy.

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