At Hilti, we’ve been helping our customers build their projects within three dimensional environments for many years using Building Information Modelling or BIM, for short. Now we are incredibly excited by the potential of new technologies like virtual and augmented reality.

Virtual reality is a natural progression for BIM. As sales consultants, VR is going to be a great tool for you when consulting with customers and their architects during the early stages of the construction process. Imagine being able to walk customers through a virtual environment, at one-to-one scale. This is going to bring to life our customers projects in a way that significantly reduces the margin for misinterpretation compared to paper plans or digital models presented on a screen. For example, VR will allow you to optimise recommendations for the placement of our firestop systems because you’ll be able to see exactly where other suppliers will be placing their services like gas, water and electrics.

The benefits of augmented reality really come into their own on site. Imagine being able to show our customers digital information about the performance of a tool in real time, or how to assess a tutorial about its correct usage via an augmented reality helmet. Imagine how this helmet could take the data from our customers’ BIM models and project exactly where workers should drill a hole or install a fastening. The implications are huge. It increases the speed of productivity, reduces the margin for error when performing an installation and it’s safer because the operator can still use both hands to operate our machinery.

These are the technologies that you can expect to see being developed and implemented during your career here with us at Hilti. We can’t wait to see what you do with them to help our customers fulfill their grand designs. Let’s build the future.

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Let´s build the future with Code

Connected light bulbs, smart thermostats, wireless speakers; it seems that everything in our homes is becoming a part of the Internet of Things (IoT). At Hilti, we’re looking for the right talent to help develop and market our own smart tools, software applications and services. 

Let´s build the future with bamboo

At Hilti, we’ve been building the future with our customers since Martin Hilti started the company over 70 years ago. But in today’s developed world, it’s not enough to merely play a supporting role. We believe that by working together we can build a better future for everyone. This is why we need your help.