Where your best belongs

From the moment you walk through any of our doors across the globe, you know you’re part of something bigger. We’ve created an environment and culture that encourages you to find your best,


and we invite every team member to shape what's next in their region and beyond. We're building a better future together. 


Celynda started out with us in Sales, and within two years took on a role in an area that she’d never worked in before. Being in Sales allowed Celynda to have the freedom to plan her own diary and build self-confidence through interactions, support and customer wins.
“I have learned the philosophy of our customers. You are not thinking for them, you are using their thinking and proposing a solution. You are helping them to build something that works for them.”

One thing was certain, Celynda’s next role had to include the customer relationship element. Now, she’s the star of product demonstrations that are interacted with in real-time. Getting behind the camera and broadcasting live means little room for error, a skill that Celynda developed quickly. She’s representing Hilti to viewers across the globe.


Andrew - learning and development manager, Singapore

More than 20 years belonging to the Hilti team, Andrew has been across the world and taken on roles he didn’t know he could do. The many big opportunities along the way could have felt daunting without the encouragement and support Andrew continuously mentions.

“Hilti really can take you wherever you want to go, even if you don’t quite know where that is yet.”
Andrew gets to support individuals across the globe, helping them to meet their full potential. It doesn’t even feel like work to him anymore, he just gets to spend time with great people improving their careers and showing them what they can achieve.


We connected with Alexis while she was still at university, and she soon joined us shortly afterwards. She didn’t see at first where she could fit, but her Hilti mentor helped her find her way. Alexis loves being able to see the tangible results of her work, whether it’s an anchor holding a beam in place, or seeing children’s faces when they visit Hilti to learn about engineering. As one of three finalists, she even got to take on a new project in our Liechtenstein global headquarters, a place she’d always wanted to visit.
“28-year olds just don’t get projects like these elsewhere.”
Alexis isn’t afraid to ask for help when she needs it, and she knows her team is right behind her. Doing tasks you’ve never done before isn’t always easy, and that’s why we provide all the tools and support needed to do them. For Alexis, this spans beyond the job and into her volunteering activities



Banu’s been a key member in our team since she joined almost 20 years ago. A lot has changed for her in that time… including nine roles and a relocation to South Africa. 
Sometimes she questioned whether she could take on the next role, but she’s shown she can do more than she ever imagined. Looking back, Banu never imagined she’d get to Marketing Director level, let alone General Manager. With the backing and support of her team, she can truly achieve anything.
“There were times where I asked myself ‘Is this really possible? Can I do it?’”
Beyond work, being at Hilti has also meant great things on a personal level. Relocating with her husband and young son to South Africa was quite a move, but was just one way that Banu was able to build a better future for her family at Hilti. Her son loved every second too! 

Tobias - Global Technology and Engineering Manager, Liechtenstein

Innovation at Hilti needed to evolve, and Tobias played a big role in making that happen with the launch of our innovation initiative, Hungry Lion. Now, everyone in manufacturing can submit their ideas and have them heard. 
 “I’m in a position where I can link the strategic and creative work. It makes change possible, and allows exciting developments to pass through my hands. I can see how we’re building a future for everyone.”
Tobias gets to play an active role from idea right through to production. He’s always trying out new things and exploring what’s possible, and how it can help the business move forward. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Tobias’ team. 


Niels joined us ten years ago, and he’s experienced many of the different corners of the business. It all started in Sales in Amsterdam, and this is where Niels took on his first big Hilti challenge: turning a territory that was bringing in 100,000 euros to 1 million. Despite moving on from Sales some time ago, both customers and colleagues still warmly welcome him when he visits.
“My boss came to me saying: we have a different challenge for you now. It’s a Head of Marketing role. I still don’t know why they gave me the chance to do it, but it was the making of me.”
Now, you’ll find Niels putting all his Hilti experience to work in our Direct Fastening Marketing team. Marketing at Hilti is a big movement away from what you learn at University - you learn by doing. 

Anna - Head of Customer Service Manager, Poland

Anna started her journey with Hilti in 2010 in Belarus. Choosing Hilti, she entered a world that she did not know before, but as she admits, from the very beginning she had this feeling that Hilti was the right place for her. Anna was always looking for new skills and challenges. Following her dreams, she not only moved to another country, but also successfully held 6 different positions in 4 different departments. During 12 years at Hilti, Anna developed in Marketing, Human Resources and Customer Service. From each of these experiences she gained skills that help her in taking on new challenges. As she pursued her successive goals, she realized that the best thing in the world for her, was to watch her coworkers grow and develop with her support.
"Everything’s possible in this company. Set yourself goals, be consistent and you’ll go where you want. Dreams really come true.”
When taking up new challenges, Anna is constantly guided by the motto "be open and do not set barriers". Now, as the Head of Customer Service, she still aims to develop herself and others, proving to everyone that anything is possible.