Working at Hilti

People who join Hilti share a certain mindset. They’re driven and hard-working, and they excel at giving their best for our customers. In return, they enjoy an incredibly varied and dynamic career. Many of our people have been with us for 20 or 30 years - testament to how much we value and reward their contribution.


What makes Hilti such a unique place to work is our high-performing culture. It’s based on a combination of personal performance, teamwork and support. We’re challenging but nurturing, daring but trusting.

Show us what you’re made of and we’ll offer you opportunities to move around the business – to work abroad, experience different job functions and tackle different markets. It’s a great way to find the right match for your ambitions and achieve the exciting career you’re after.

Unafraid to be different

Our business success is driven by distinction. Our innovations enable our customers to build faster, safer and with more daring.

We defy convention. We’ll expect you to challenge the way things are done, speak up with new ideas and venture from the norm. That’s why you’ll have regular access to senior management who will listen to your input.


Ours is a workplace for an exceptional kind of person. One where you’ll need the passion and energy to constantly improve things. The commitment to always finish the job. The confidence to take risks in pursuit of greater achievements.

But, far from stepping out on your own, you’ll always work in excellent company – with people from diverse backgrounds who are inspired to make a difference to our customers’ businesses every day.

We’re quick to reward you for results

While you’re driven to be successful, it’s in our interest too. So we’ll invest in your training and give our genuine attention to the progression of your career. This includes regular one-to-one coaching. It’s time intensive, but we believe it’s crucial. It’s how we recognize your achievements and help you continue to perform – for us, for our customers and for your own ambition.

Impress us with your skills and we’ll give you leadership opportunities as soon as you’re ready. It speaks volumes that 80% of our management positions are filled with internal candidates.


We also have a very thorough people review process, unlike any we know of in any other business. We screen everyone in the company in a yearly career performance matching process. It means we can pair talent with opportunities - developing our people in their current roles or challenging them to work in new ways or in new places. It’s how we find the right fit and further our teams personally and professionally.

In no other global company could you move from sales to HR, for example, or from engineering in Germany to finance in Dubai, as you can at Hilti. Whatever career path you can imagine, with commitment and results you can actually make it happen. 

An ethos of success and support, fun and reward

Our high-performing workplace is also a hub of positivity and a network of support. As our company founder puts it:

“I consider it my job to create a company climate in which every single person develops the will to succeed and commit, while still having fun at work. In my opinion, this is management’s most important task and an entrepreneur’s ethical responsibility.”

Martin Hilti, founder

We believe that company growth and personal growth go hand in hand; one drives the other. So we give our people a huge degree of self-responsibility, where they think with entrepreneurial spirit, exercise sound judgment, assume accountability and have the freedom to make decisions. They feel valued, trusted and empowered to act, and give their best to succeed knowing we’ll support them all the way.

Giving back and getting involved

Wherever we’re active in the world, we consider ourselves a partner. True to our ethos of building a better future, we aim to make a noticeable, sustainable improvement to local living and working conditions by helping people to help themselves.

This mindset reaches back to the personal commitment shown by our company founder Martin Hilti. For him, social responsibility is not a duty or obligation; it’s the natural thing to do.