Working in the digital space

It’s an incredibly exciting time to join Hilti, especially if you work in the digital space. We’ve always been a company at the forefront of engineering hardware solutions, and today we’re investing more than ever in software technologies as digital transformation is a big priority for us.

We’re particularly motivated by the possibilities that digital technology can bring to a traditional sector like construction. Right now, we have a unique opportunity to solve real-world problems and lead the way in revolutionizing our industry.

We’ve organized our digital teams into three distinct areas – application software, digital solutions and global IT - which work closely together. Our teams are based in Germany, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Switzerland and the USA.

As a company whose lifeblood is innovation, we give our customers the next level of digital offerings on an impressive global scale. For you, it means unrivalled opportunities to work in a ‘start-up within’ environment, develop an international career and really have an impact on the shape of things to come.

Digitalizing the construction industry

The global IT is where you’ll find all of our digitized business processes and related IT services that support our business.

We’re a lighthouse and reference customer for SAP, driving digital transformation as the world’s first multinational to implement S/4HANA. We’re also an industry leader in cloud computing – both as a consumer of public cloud services and as a provider of cloud services to our customers.

Our global IT roles range from data analysts, network engineers and project managers to cyber security experts, user experience designers and enterprise architects. 


We offer careers in various areas

  • Business applications – where we run a fully consolidated global SAP system landscape.
  • Digital workplace – where we connect our 27,000 Hilti people and make them an information-enabled team.
  • Cloud application platform – where we build our common platform for all digital and software offerings to our customers.
  • Enterprise computing – where we design, build and operate our network and computing capabilities.


See our global IT roles


"It's a very collaborative, opening and welcoming culture because so many people have so many ranges of expertise & diversity"

Ebony, Digital Marketing Project Manager, USA

Our success comes down to our people

If you’re geared up to join our team, we’ll assume an excellent degree of know-how in your area of expertise. But you’ll need to be as much a people person as you are a technical whizz.

We’re a multi-dimensional company where teams collaborate beyond their business units and across different market regions. We’re looking for people who can listen, appreciate and enjoy working with others from a diverse mix of backgrounds. We see teamwork as an enabler for innovation, and value team contribution in everything we do.


You’ll be sharp thinking, but hands on; able to quickly link the dots, but equally keen to roll up your sleeves. You’ll be analytical, but not overly so, with always one eye on the bigger business picture. You’ll have an intuitive understanding of the issues beyond pure data and a proactive instinct to always look for improvement.

While we know you’re smart, we won’t expect you to be fluent in all our technologies. Many of them are so new or bespoke that this would be impossible. What we want is your eagerness to learn, your energy to focus and your drive to outperform. From us, you can expect all the training and support you need to do outstanding things.

You can really make an impact

Whatever your role or level, we’ll give our personal attention to the progression of your career, with one-on-one coaching and all the support you need to be successful and influential.

We’ll also help you gain any specialist knowledge you need to excel at your job, be it professional upskilling, project management training or a dedicated course at our internal academy.


We have a very thorough system for reviewing everyone in the company, which feeds into a yearly career performance matching process. It’s how we find opportunities to develop our people with different responsibilities, cultures and market challenges. It means we can broaden your skill set, feed your ambition and open doors to advance your career.

Our high performers move into leadership roles very quickly at Hilti, and 80% of our management positions are filled with internal candidates. It’s testament to how much we value our people.