Working in logistics

If you want to flex your talent in global logistics and supply chain management, it doesn’t get more exciting, more varied or more progressive than Hilti.

Our logistics operation is special because we own our whole supply chain, something that’s almost unique for a company of our size.


It means you get exposure to every piece of the puzzle. In fact, we’ll encourage you to move between different functions to get a better understanding of the bigger logistics picture. It makes for a more dynamic day-to-day and a more strategic role from the beginning of your career. It also gives you scope to influence our methods. We have an open-door culture, where we’re always keen to hear new ideas, so you’ll be in a great position to help shape how we do things and make your mark on the wider business.

Uniquely varied, involved and strategic

A career in our logistics team is challenging and dynamic, with a primary focus on exceptional customer delivery. Whatever your role, we’ll give you lots of responsibility from very early on and let you take the initiative to do things yourself – be it solving a problem or simplifying a process.

Our logistics and supply chain function is split into three main areas, and you could get to work in them all.

• Materials – This involves sourcing and buying the best quality, best value raw materials, while planning the manufacture of products based on global scale and price. It also means optimizing inventories and working with our sales and marketing teams to see that stock is sold on time and to forecast future demand.

• Transport – This is about managing our international transportation network in order to get materials and products where they need to be, while all the time being poised to respond to urgent orders and complex delivery needs.

• Warehousing – This is a case of efficiently using space and coordinating just-in-time processes to store, organize and dispatch rotating stock on a massive global scale.

With so many opportunities to develop your skills, you’ll find Hilti logistics a vibrant and rewarding place to progress your career. Show us what you can do, and you can specialize in niche areas, manage different teams, work in new locations and redefine your role. 

“You get a unique opportunity to experience all different functions of the supply chain – and, for many people, to do it overseas. We really encourage our teams to challenge the way things are done. If you can make a process simpler, do it, show us.”

Fabrice, Head of Global Logistics Services

We’ll help you mix, match and motor your career

While our expectations are high, we offer the very best training. We’ll give you all the knowledge and support you need to be successful in your role, with one-to-one coaching and personal attention to the progression of your career. 

We have a very thorough people review process, where we screen everyone in the company in a yearly career performance matching process. It’s how we find opportunities to develop our people with different responsibilities, cultures and market challenges. It means we can broaden your skill set, feed your ambition and open doors for your career.

Our high performers move into leadership roles very quickly at Hilti, and 80% of our management positions are filled with internal candidates. It’s testament to how much we value our people.